A Guide to Physics 5054

Mojza Blog A Guide to Physics 5054 by Muhammad Ammad Khalid | 7 April 2024 I know. O level physics can be a huge drag. The syllabus might feel quite overwhelming, and certain topics can be fairly daunting due to their abstract nature or complex mathematical concepts. The key to overcoming these difficulties is to […]

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A Beginner’s Guide To Code

Mojza Blog A Beginner’s Guide to Code by Ali Irfan | 03 March 2024 In an ever-changing sea of technological innovation, coding has become an invaluable tool to navigate the oceans. There are numerous reasons, personal or professional, that everybody should learn how to code. But since you’re here, you’ve probably already found yours, so

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The Psychology of Decision Making

Mojza Blog The Psychology of Decision Making by Muhammad Ali Kalim | 3 Dec 2023 Have you ever pondered on the idea of what mechanisms are in control of the decisions we make? Why do we make choices differently based on the circumstances that we have been provided? Factors Affecting Decision-Making There are several principles

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Techniques for Staying Motivated

Mojza Blog Techniques for Staying Motivated during long revision hours By Isha Balouch | 29 Oct 2023 Are you tired of constantly sitting at one place to do revision for a prolonged duration? Bored of reviewing the same material repeatedly to score an A and are seeking effective methods to not just successfully complete your

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Managing Health Alongside Studies

Mojza Blog Unlocking Success mastering the art of managing health alongside studies By Sara hassnain | 15 oct 2023 Picture this: You, the valiant student, standing at the crossroads of health and studies, armed with textbooks in one hand and a smoothie in the other. Balancing these two realms may seem daunting, but fear not,

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Monetising Your Skills

Mojza Blog Monetising Your Skills by Sarah Zubair | 10 Sep 2023 Regardless of what your hobbies are, there are probably several different ways that you could make money from them. Earning money through a hobby can be an excellent side hustle that allows you to have some fun while making extra money (more on

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