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Techniques for Staying Motivated

during long revision hours

By Isha Balouch | 29 Oct 2023

Are you tired of constantly sitting at one place to do revision for a prolonged duration? Bored of reviewing the same material repeatedly to score an A and are seeking effective methods to not just successfully complete your syllabus revision, but also make it enjoyable? Then congratulations, you are at the right corner of the internet.

Trust us; we know how boring it is to study sometimes, especially when one has O/A level exams which can last for more than a month. We are also aware that the study techniques available on the internet are either excessively rigid to adhere to or overly simplistic to yield fruitful results.

In order to stay motivated for studying, it is important to embrace study techniques that are less exhausting, so in this blog we will discuss all those methods as well as all the other ways through which one can keep themselves motivated. Let’s quickly begin.

Make a To-Do list

Yes, you read it correctly. You need to make a to-do list or a checklist to keep yourself driven to complete your tasks. A to-do list or a checklist is similar to a study schedule, but it only lists the tasks for the day.

Make a list of all the chapters then divide them into topics and further split those into subtopics. In this way, you will be able to keep a track of the topics you need to cover as well as feel like an achiever every time you put a tick on a completed task.

If you want to know about how to create a study schedule, read our blog here.

Join "Study With me" Sessions on Youtube

It is a wonderful aspect of human psychology that when we are performing the same task as someone else, we tend to perceive it as a competition and we feel driven to continue until and unless the other person stops.  

And yes, for this you do not need to be a part of any study group or wait for your friends to come over at your house for a study session — which are not even successful most of the time. You can join the study sessions on YouTube where the user places a camera in front of them and then study for a designated amount of time. These sessions act as a push factor in studying with full focus and completing the topics quickly. 

Some of our favorite Youtube channels for these study sessions are:
–  Merve 
–  Study with Japan

Make Good Notes

Making good notes or using flashcards makes studying more engaging and fun. These study aids help to keep our minds focused by allowing us to use our creativity in solving complex equations or memorizing long paragraphs to ace our exams.

Using different colors to highlight or writing important pieces of information provides another method of visual learning which enhances the ability of our mind to memorize the key points. You can also type your notes using different softwares if you don’t want to waste time making notes in your notebook. 

If you want to know more about effective note taking methods, check out our guide here.

Follow the Rory Gilmore Study Method

In season 3, episode 7 of the Gilmore Girls, Rory Gilmore mentions that if she focuses on one subject, it starts to get a little punchy so she decides to shift back and forth from the Bolshevik revolution to some other topic, and when that gets a little depressing, she shifts to calculus.

Now, we understand that you may or may not have watched Gilmore Girls and that you might not be dreaming about Harvard like Rory; however, we believe spending too much time on one subject actually gets a little boring, so when it does, shift to another subject and switch after 30 or 40 minutes to produce better results.

Follow the Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro technique is a time management method that involves dividing work into intervals. Typically, the work is divided into 25 minutes, separated by a short break of 5 minutes, but one can divide their time in any preferred way.

We suggest beginning your revision with 20-minute study sessions followed by a 10-min break. Slowly and steadily, increase your study time by 10 minutes until you reach 3 hours of study. Then, start reducing your study sessions back down to 20 minutes to keep them progressive.

In addition to this, the 50/10 method can also be implemented where individuals study for 50 minutes followed by a 10-minute break. 

To follow the Pomodoro technique you may visit this Youtube channel: Lots of Colors 

For more on study methods like Pomodoro Technique, read out our blog on Effective Study Techniques.

Pretend as if you are the Teacher

Use a whiteboard or a tablet and pretend as if you are your favorite teacher. Imagine you are speaking to someone who has limited knowledge of the topic, even though you know it well. Then, pretend you are teaching it to the other person. Speak loudly; this will surely require your energy but will make you equally active.  

This method provides students with visual representation, which increases the chances of absorbing the knowledge correctly. Not only does it help in enhancing the knowledge, it also helps you improve your thinking and speaking skills. 

This idea might sound a little dumb, but trust us, it can do wonders.

Grab Your Favourite Snacks

A huge number of students tend to starve themselves while studying. Your exams are indeed important but your health is equally important, so grab something to eat while you study. 

According to Google, chewing activates your brain, and what else do we need other than an active brain during studying? Some simple snacks that you can have while studying are dry fruits, chocolates and gums. 

Along with this, treat yourself to something more special to eat after completing a task. Rewarding yourself for accomplishing little goals is the best way to keep yourself motivated during revision hours. Our suggestion for a treat would be an ice cream because who doesn’t like ice cream?

And don’t forget to stay hydrated!

Refresh Your Mind

All of these methods will never work if you don’t have a clear mind. Sometimes, each one of us is unable to handle the exam pressure, but that is fine. You should know that nothing will happen only by taking the exam pressure and not working on it or maybe working too much, so take the break you need. Needless to say, it is crucial to balance your health with your academics. Read on as we break it down.

Go out with your friends for a while, watch your comfort series or complete your sleep. We will recommend you choose the last option. Tell yourself that you will eventually achieve your desired grade even if you are unable to solve thirty past papers.

Have the “I want to win and I am going to win” mindset. You’ll do great. Best of luck 🙂


Author: Isha Balouch
Proofreaders: Rukia Saleem Laghari and Sukaina Hussain


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Published: 29 October 2023
Last Updated: 29 October 2023
Written by Isha Balouch