Who We Are

Mojza's Aims

Mojza is a student-led organisation aiming to provide quality resources for Cambridge students.

The organisation members, being students themselves, are all too aware of the struggle of locating related resources. We hope to benefit the entire Cambridge community by arranging notes from prestigious teachers, our own original resources and also other beneficial websites. We have hopes in aiding students and making their path to success a little less daunting!

Our Story

During my O levels preparations, I found resources over the internet to be helpful but disorganized. It was difficult to find exactly what you need. 

So, while looking at the link of a website, I decided that I will take on this myself. To provide my juniors with what I wished I had for myself.

Hussain Moghal

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Join us on our journey to fulfill Mojza’s aims to provide the best resources for students!

Our PartnerS

r/IGCSE are a community catering to students all across the globe, assisting them with their IGCSE examinations. They hope to help students to make sure their IGCSE journeys proceeds as smoothly as possible. They are completely student-run, and all their resources have been created by or sent by other IGCSE students, who want to share them with others, such that it can be used by everyone in the r/IGCSE community.

Our Team

The Board of Directors

Founder & CEO


Mojza has become a great passion of mine. I will continue to put in my efforts to achieve the aims of our organisation.


Director of Operations


I’m extremely passionate about free education and would be thrilled to work for Mojza as it subscribes to the same core values. 

Graphics Director


Mojza has actually provided the platform to realize miracles in education. I have also been honored to witness and be a part of them.

Resource Manager


“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Taking my first step through Mojza with the hope of a fruitful future.

Resource Manager


Education is the treasure anyone can own. Mojza Organisation aims to provides this treasure to everyone who is eager to learn.

COntent Writer


“Knowledge is the only wealth that augments when shared” Looking forward to aiding students in quenching their thirst for knowledge.


Resource Contributor


“The expert in doing anything was once a beginner.” Mojza has provided me that beginning and hopes for the future.

Resource Contributor


Mojza is enlightening and giving me hope to keep moving forward.

Resource COntributor

Tuz Zahra

“There is no elevator for success. You have to take the stairs.” Mojza’s aim is to make the stairs easier for you as you progress – and I’ll keep its pennant aloft for as long as I can, no matter what it takes.


We sincerely thank all the teachers that allowed us to make use of their notes for our purpose. Much of this would not be possible without them and we are highly grateful for that.

Mojza is very grateful to all its team members and especially the volunteers for making this possible.


Our copyright policy for resources: