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Wellness Tips for a Refreshing Summer Break

By Nimra Khalil | 19th July 2023

Man running - Wellness tips for a refreshing summer break

Are you going to waste your summer break? Stop! Think! Summer break is the best time to improve yourself and achieve many of  your desired goals. Reading these wellness tips for a refreshing summer will guide and motivate you to change yourself and do new exciting things this summer. 

Optimise your schedule

It’s important not to spend your summer holidays without planning. Sit down and create a 24-hour schedule, taking into consideration all the points mentioned in this essay. Set your weekly goals and feel free to make slight changes to the schedule every week if following the same routine every day becomes monotonous for you. In your daily routine, be sure to include a variety of activities and strike a balance between rest and physical activities. Once you’re finished, display the schedule in your room and strictly adhere to it. This will help develop punctuality and enhance productivity. During holidays, students tend to stay up late at night and sleep during the day. Consequently, when schools reopen, they face difficulties in changing their routine. Therefore, it’s important for you to follow a consistent routine that won’t be disrupted even when schools resume. Read along as we break down how to make academic and non-academic schedules here

Embrace Culinary Diversity

Eating a diverse range of vegetables and fruits is essential for maintaining good health. While it’s common for both children and adults to have certain preferences when it comes to food, it’s important to broaden our palate and embrace new flavours. By incorporating a wide variety of vegetables and fruits into our diet, we not only enhance our nutritional intake but also expose ourselves to different textures, colours, and tastes. If there are vegetables or fruits that you don’t particularly enjoy, challenge yourself to explore alternative cooking methods and recipes. This can help transform these seemingly disliked items into delicious and appealing dishes. Remember, a varied diet rich in nutrients promotes overall well-being and supports a strong immune system as well.

Healthy food on a table for a refreshing summer

Stay Hydrated

In summer, your diet is incomplete without drinking plenty of water. Try setting reminders to drink water, for example, every hour or so. This will boost your health, and you will also feel more comfortable in the hot weather. Lack of sufficient water intake can lead to many short- and long-term diseases. Take care of your health. If you get sick, you won’t be able to enjoy the holidays!

Rise and Shine

Waking up early in the morning for Fajr, going for a morning walk, and exercising are the best ways to start your day. Get connected to nature, watch, and ponder upon its beauty. It activates your body and leaves you feeling active and fresh throughout the day. If you succeed in incorporating these activities into your routine, you will be more productive at work compared to many others. Morning walks and exercise refresh your mind, keep you healthy, improve your mood, and reduce the chances of a number of diseases. For more productivity enhancing techniques check out our blog on time management here.

Stay Healthy and Fit

Being overweight means you will be lazy in your daily tasks.You can calculate your BMI (Basal Metabolic Rate) to check if your weight is healthy or not. Think about which factors are contributing to your weight, like eating oily and junk food in large amounts. Once you have identified the reasons, write down what you should do now, for example, writing down the meals you should not eat. Change your diet and activities or even consult a doctor to achieve or maintain a healthy weight. Moreover, whenever possible, opt for a bicycle over a car or motorbike, except for urgent matters. For instance, you can use a bicycle to go to the grocery shop or meet your friends. It will provide you with valuable experience and contribute to a healthy body.

Disconnect from Technology

dents today spend a significant amount of time engaged with technology, whether it be playing games, using social media, or utilising it for educational purposes. However, it is essential to reduce our screen time due to the detrimental effects it can have on our physical and mental health, particularly our eyesight. Instead, seek entertainment by spending quality time with friends, family, and engaging in hobbies or spending time with pets. These activities can provide enriching and memorable experiences. Additionally, opt for reading newspapers and books as an alternative to consuming news and stories solely through online platforms. You can limit your screen time by making a proper schedule of using your phone or other devices and strictly following it, as we discussed in our blog on minimising distractions.

Learn New Sports and Engage in Regular Practice

Some students feel left behind during sport events at school and colleges. In most cases, the reason is that you are not good at them, so the best players would not want you on their team. What can you do then? Summer breaks offer the perfect opportunity to learn new sports and improve in areas where you are weak. One of the best ways to achieve this is by joining a sports club and practising regularly. If you find it difficult to learn, never give up. Try, try, and try again!

Man jumps over a bar - Wellness tip for a refreshing summer

By incorporating all the aforementioned tips into your summer routine, you can ensure an unforgettable season with long-lasting effects that will prove beneficial to both your personal life and career. But, since growth is an ever continuing process, don’t stop here but also check out our blogs on the ultimate guide to a productive summer and 25 free virtual extracurricular opportunities to make the most of these holidays. May your summer holidays be filled with joy, rejuvenation, and countless rewarding moments!


Author: Nimra Khalil
Proofreaders: Maryam Farhan, Zainab Dar and Syed Muhammad Shaheer Ali 


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Published: 19 July 2023
Last Updated: 19 July 2023
Written by Nimra Khalil