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The Best Educational Resources for Students

Unveiling the Secrets of Technology

by Abdul Haleem | 21 JAN 2024

Are you drained of scrolling through the internet to find educational powerhouses? Wondering when your luck will support you to encounter those must-visit websites? Curious about how an app can prove to be life-changing? Then, look no further, for this blog will uncover the best educational websites out there for you to discover and avail the benefits of.

Best Websites for Students to Take Courses From


Coursera is among the top websites that offer free and valuable courses with certificates. It aims to empower students with world-class learning from a wide range of subjects, such as Computer Science, Data Analysis, Digital Marketing, Machine Learning, Product Management and even English Language. Moreover, it enables students to pursue thousands of specialised courses hosted by the world’s top universities in almost 40 different languages. Alongside courses, it also offers degrees from top universities to expand your portfolio. Upon completion of these courses and degrees, Coursera grants a certificate of appreciation for a fee, in order to validate the courses’ credibility. The best thing about Coursera is that not only does it offer extra curricular courses, it also dedicates a large portion of its platform to academics for students to excel. 


edX is a popular non-profit educational MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) provider, founded by Harvard University and MIT. edX has joined hands with many well known universities to offer 2500+ courses and videos which can be taken at your own pace. edX is recognised to be among the top well-known websites to take courses from, ensuring quality courses for students. Keeping aside the extra curricular courses, EdX also offers academic courses such as Computer Science, Economics, Business Administration, Maths etc. The courses offered in edX comprise Artificial Intelligence, Data science, Business administration, Healthcare engineering and many more. However, for gaining unlimited access and certificates of completion, charges may be applied. In a nutshell, if you want to pursue curricular programs or polish your skills, either way, edX is a must-visit platform.


Like other online learning platforms, Udemy is one of the best websites to enhance your skills by choosing from a range of 130k+ courses. The best thing about the courses at Udemy is that they are of short durations and improve learning skills. Udemy not only covers extra-curricular courses, such as Digital Marketing, Programming, Graphic Designing and Content Marketing but also provides courses related to academics. Udemy’s programs on Business, Entrepreneurship and Programming are considered to be the best ones. Read our blog on Digital Skills for the Future to learn more about the worthy courses for you in this modern era and Monetising your Skills to monetise them and start earning in your teens.

Best Websites for Their Tools


Are you ready to revolutionise the way you organise your stuff while studying? Notion is a free all-in-one workspace that allows you to work simultaneously. It helps you keep your material organised, be it managing files, scheduling monthly, weekly, or daily tasks, saving and organising your work, or keeping agendas, Notion manages it all in just one go. Notion also has spaces for you to make your personal notes and keep them organised with other files. (Learn How to make effective and concise notes from our blog). Moreover, the pre-made templates feature brings ease for newbies to get a better understanding when getting started with Notion. The app also gives you tutorials on different features of the software. Furthermore, you can also invite your study buddies to your workspace if you’re studying together.


Grammarly is considered one of the most helpful typing assistant tools for students. But it doesn’t just correct your grammatical errors; it also enhances your writing skills with its countless productive features such as suggesting synonyms to avoid repetition in writing etc, bringing your writings to the next level. Grammarly also has an additional feature of plagiarism checkers. Whether you’re a student or an adult, Grammarly should be your first choice when it comes to typing assistant tools. 


Have you ever wondered how to focus on your daily tasks with just one app? Forest dives in to pull out distractions from your life. Forest is an app that uses a very different approach to focus on studies while instilling a sense to help the environment. If you plant a tree and start studying, your plant grows, as long as you stay in the app. But it would die if you leave halfway. The app is free to use and one of the most searched ones when it comes to getting rid of procrastination. If you’re someone who falls susceptible to the trap of procrastination, there are several methods listed in our blogs on Procrastination and pulling out Distractions.


Do you often lack clarity and focus because you don’t have a proper schedule to follow? Get confused at what to do and when to do it? Worry not! Todoist is here to aid you with time management and organisation of tasks by making to-do lists, making your day way more productive than you thought. It is a multifunctional app that times your study sessions, helping in project management. The main purpose of Todoist is to make effective study schedules and help users follow it consistently. You can get a better understanding of making a study schedule with Todoist by reading our blog on How to make an effective study schedule and follow it. To sum up, Todoist is considered to be a great app to build up productive habits as it assists you in prioritising your tasks according to your necessities by microtasking them for you, which helps you master time management. Follow some other time management methods by reading our blog.

Study Bunny

Are you looking for a better method to stay organised and boost productivity while making studying more enjoyable? Study Bunny is a study partner that assists students in their academic journey by helping them focus on their studies. The app has a custom focus time ranging from 5 minutes up to 180 minutes to time your study sessions. You can make a to-do list to track your progress, be it weekly or monthly. The more you study, the freshes your bunny feels. At the end of your study session, you earn coins based on the time you focus, which you can use to purchase items from the shop to customise your bunny or even the surroundings to make it look better. This way you get motivation to study and decorate your bunny and its room. Moreover, you can make flashcards and play study bunny music while studying, as it’s considered to be a good study technique to increase focus. To learn more about The Effective Study Techniques, check out our blog. Furthermore, motivation study tips also pop up when you click pause, to help you focus on your studies. The app is widely used and considered helpful by many students.

Oxford Dictionary

Oxford Dictionary is the most popular and one of the most aidful applications with multifunctional features. You can search for any word, definition, phrase, synonym or antonym, and Oxford dictionary will bring it to you in a second. Along with its exceedingly helpful features regarding autocorrections, camera search and pronunciation of words, it also sends you a Word of the day, enabling you to learn a new word with every passing day. Moreover, it can also translate your text to multiple different languages, becoming an all-in-one software for students. 

Merriam Webster

Do you feel envious when someone uses strong words in front of you? Do you want to take your Vocabulary to the next level too? Then you’re at the right place! Merriam Webster is an extremely popular website, and for good reason. Besides availing its cool dictionary features, you can sign up for the word of the day too. It’ll notify you of a word every day in your inbox, and you can start building up your vocabulary, excelling at it with the passage of time. You can try building sentences with the word of the day or even utilise spaced repetition algorithms to build your vocabulary. Explore this technique and many others in our blog on Improving Your Vocabulary

Best Studying Websites for Students

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a collection of Google services that contains cloud based tools. Google Documents, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Mail, Google Chat and Google Scholar are just some of the cloud based tools Google Workspace has to offer. The easy to use and accessible features makes it simple for users to manage. Google Workspace allows multiple users to manage files and share them with one another. So, if you want to type out a document, organise data on a spreadsheet, make presentation slides, conduct surveys, send emails, chat globally, or make to-do lists, Google Workspace is your one-stop, go-to solution.  

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an American-based non-profit educational platform striving to provide world class learning for all. Khan Academy is used universally by students and teachers to strengthen their skills and boost their learning. It covers 20 courses per category and consists of 8000+ video lectures. Among its courses, Digital Fall 2023, Grammar, Maths, Computer Science, Economics, Physics, Biology, and Medicine are just to name a few! So what are you waiting for? Install Khan Academy on your devices — or just hop on its website — and set foot on an amazing learning journey. 

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is another cloud based service by Google, which is globally used to find articles, books and academic resources. In this digital era, where technology reigns supreme, Google Scholar offers free material to build reading habits, explore the academic world, and gain knowledge. One of the many doors opened by Google Scholar allows you to develop a reading habit and learn new things. Find out more about how to start a reading habit and dive into the world of reading.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a popular answer engine used commonly to get answers to questions from externally sourced data. It facilitates a wide range of subjects such as Maths, Sciences, Technology, Society, Culture, Everyday Life, and many more. It is extensively used for solving queries related to mathematics, as it shows each steps clearly and states the method alongside.

Noon Academy

Noon Academy is Pakistan’s largest online learning platform, which provides a friendly learning environment, providing students the liberty to learn at their own pace, as the playbacks to the missed lectures are always available. Noon conducts live classes with some of the most renowned teachers of Pakistan. The rise of the pandemic gave birth to this tremendous platform. The best thing about Noon is that it notifies a while before the teacher comes live, so the students can prepare for the session and get in touch with the course. Noon covers 25% of the syllabus for free. However, for a complete syllabus coverage, a premium course is always available with reasonable prices and packages. It also conducts mock exams, assessments and past paper sessions to track students’ progress and clarify any misconceptions the students may have, ensuring the best preparation of the students for their CAIEs. 


Byju’s is among the world’s largest tutoring app, striving to educate students of Grade 1 – 12 through their learning programmes. It is trusted worldwide for its high quality content with in-depth lectures. With Byju’s, you can have one-on-one live sessions with highly skilled teachers who teach exceptionally well. The app uses animation, games and quizzes as a proactive approach to learning, making it that much easier for the audience to understand the concepts. You can access free content for the first 15 days, but after that you need to sign up for the Premium courses. Not only do they provide in-depth lectures but also conduct practice tests and assessments, analysing students’ performance. 


Brainly is another tremendous application designed to aid students globally in their homework with a multitude of subjects, such as Physics, Computer Science, Geography and especially Mathematics. It has the answer to every question out there, and its just a search away from you. Moreover, you can also upload your questions, which are answered by the 300 million other students and highly qualified teachers in just a few moments. You can also become a helper and answer questions to rescue students from difficulties. This adds points to your profile and based on your points, you’re assigned different badges among the users of Brainly.

Socratic by Google

Ever wished there was an app that could help you with your homework problems effortlessly? Ready for another smarter approach to get answers to your questions and tackle them in just a few moments? Hence, we reveal Socratic — an app for you that’ll be your partner throughout your student life. Socratic is another essential tool designed to encounter obstacles students face in their studies by finding the best possible results and enlisting relevant websites. All you need to do is scan your question and the very next second you’ll get visual explanations with video tutorials and step-by-step guides for better clarification. It also has space for typing your questions. 

With Socratic, you can bid farewell to the academic stress that comes from these problems. Ever feel overwhelmed by the academic pressure? Learn how to deal with academic stress by reading our dedicated blog on the topic. 


Do you usually get stuck in maths? Then say goodbye to your maths anxiety, for Photomath has got you covered. The app contains an amazing feature of a scanner that scans your query and presents a step by step solution for it. Along with the scanner, it also has a free calculator feature. Although the app is completely free, the premium version of this app adds in a few extra features, such as additional tips and visual aids. 


So, what are you waiting for? Go check these powerhouses out and see for yourself. 


Author: Abdul Haleem
Proofreaders: Syed Muhammad Shaheer Ali


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Published: 21 January 2024
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