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by Sarim Ismail | 25 July 2023

Finished up with your exams? Done everything there was to do? Got an entire summer unattended, waiting to be filled with plans and reservations? There’s always a ton of expectations upon you, either from your parents or the applicable universities, to make the most use of your spare time. Well, you need not worry. As you progress through this blog, you’ll find loads of options to nit-pick from and see your horizons widening.

Skills to Learn

1. Programming

Suppose you log onto the internet, your intentions are to watch a movie, preferably on the streaming platform “Netflix”. You type in its URL Address and behold right in-front of your eyes, stands the Netflix Landing Page. For a second, one might think about where the different designs in its landing page come from. From the curved font of the Netflix header, to a submission form which requires your password information. Well, to put it simply, the broad term experts give to the process is “Web Development”. It is one of the most valuable services one can offer to his/her client base and is often well-paid. It is also one of the most in-demand skills of 2023, where thousands of employers look towards emerging markets  of Pakistan, Bangladesh and India for cheap labour in the form of local web developers as compared to their US based employees. For programming specifically, you can head on to different sites and learn different languages such as HTML5, C++, JavaScript/JQuery, Python etc. The most popular sites to learn these remain: Coursera with its “Web Design for Everybody” sponsored by the University of Michigan itself. Moreover, W3Schools  can elevate your base in this regard. FreeCodeCamp  is also popular, so are Codecademy and Udemy.

2. Data Analysis

This is another great skill to master while you’re at it. This branch of data science deals with involving data sets and number patterns with modern softwares in a bid to increase the business range of an existing enterprise or to increase and push up its revenue and profit. Like programming, there’s a lot of ways through which one can learn data analysis too. Well, you’re in luck because Harvard provides free courses to anyone willing to take up this skill. It has a range of distinct statistical courses to choose from and a capstone project to mark your progress as well. You can check out the course here. Apart from that, highly prestigious multinationals such as Google, issue their data analytics courses online and to be distributed for free. Google has partnered with online distributors such as Coursera and edX to provide a worthwhile exposure to its consumers. The aforementioned course can be found here. Additionally, as Data Analytics relies a lot on data-based software such as Microsoft Excel, it is generally more effective to learn operating these too.

3. Digital Marketing

Imagine yourself surfing through a popular website like Facebook or Twitter. As you scroll through Facebook, you can’t help but notice sponsored ads strategically placed in your newsfeed. It’s natural for a curious Gen Z individual to pause for a moment and wonder about the intriguing workings behind these ads. Enter the captivating realm of Digital Marketing. It is a dynamic and highly coveted field that encompasses a range of strategies and techniques to effectively promote products and services in the online realm. This captivating skill set involves a plethora of activities, including search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), compelling content creation, result-driven pay-per-click advertising (PPC), engaging email marketing campaigns, influential collaborations, and insightful data analysis. You can easily acquire these skills by delving into the comprehensive courses offered by reputable platforms like HubSpot Academy or the Google-sponsored digital marketing courses available on Coursera. By harnessing the power of digital channels and platforms, marketers can effortlessly connect with their target audience, drive substantial website traffic, generate valuable leads, and elevate their brand’s visibility to new heights. In this fast-paced and ever-evolving industry, continuous learning, staying abreast of the latest trends, and utilising robust analytics tools are the key ingredients for achieving resounding success. Unleash your digital marketing prowess and make a profound impact in the world of online marketing.

4. Graphic Designing

In the vast landscape of video streaming, we indulge in endless hours of content on our desktops and mobile devices. Amidst this digital voyage, we encounter videos adorned with captivating thumbnails and alluring visuals. Have you ever paused to ponder the seamless integration of these effects into your viewing experience? It is the remarkable artistry of graphic design that brings them to life. Graphic design, a sought-after and creative discipline, revolves around the artful communication of ideas and messages through the harmonious interplay of typography, imagery, colors, and layouts. Its realm encompasses diverse facets, including logo design, branding, advertising materials, packaging, and digital graphics. As we celebrate locally crafted resources, consider embarking on a journey of learning this skill with GFXMentor on YouTube — a treasure trove of wisdom and inspiration. Alternatively, venture into the world of Coursera, where the University of Colorado Boulder presents an immersive digital course in Graphic Design. Expand your horizons and unleash your creativity by accessing the course with a single click . Skilled graphic designers wield design principles with finesse, harnessing the power of industry-standard software tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Illustrator to craft visually stunning and impactful designs that breathe life into specific messages and evoke profound emotions. Collaborating closely with clients or teams, they immerse themselves in understanding needs, refining concepts, and delivering top-tier designs that resonate with target audiences while remaining faithful to the brand’s identity. In the ever-evolving realm of graphic design, continuous learning, staying attuned to design trends, and nurturing the spark of creativity serve as essential compasses on the path to success. Immerse yourself in this captivating world, master the art, and leave an indelible mark in the captivating realm of graphic design.

Remember! It’s never too late to start experimenting in your life; It’s never too late to escape the academic shackles and discover your horizon gleefully. For once, you might consider enrolling in a programming class, even if you don’t consider it your forte. Exploring data analytics might seem a bit overwhelming at first, but embrace the challenge and give it a try. Additionally, join a graphic design workshop, as it might bring a sense of contentment and who knows, it might even lead to the big break you’ve been dreaming of.

Amidst all these diverse experiences, you will eventually discover one skill that resonates with you deeply. Dedicate yourself to honing that skill, continuously learning and improving, and celebrate your achievements along the way. By embracing this journey of exploration and growth, you will uncover your true passion and excel in the chosen field, turning it into a fulfilling and rewarding career path. Keep an open mind, be persistent, and trust that your dedication will lead you to success in the end.

 In the concluding remarks of this article, it’s pertinent to be addressed that nobody knows you more than yourself. In my own opinion it’s entirely distasteful if you constantly barge around looking for professional advice without even consulting yourself first. If you have done that, then it’s much more preferable for you to seek personalised advice from your academic cohorts and then take a final and conclusive decision.


Author: Sarim Ismail
Proofreaders: Syed Muhammad Shaheer Ali, Abeer Ansari, Nabeeha Shakeel


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Published: 26 July 2023
Last Updated: 26 July 2023
Written by Sarim Ismail