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unleash your inner hustler

By Abeer Ansari | 2 August 2023

Calling all ambitious, money-savvy students! We’re here to unveil a treasure trove of innovative, flexible, and downright exciting ways to earn extra cash while unleashing your full student potential.

 It’s 2023. Getting an education still remains one of our top priorities but is it enough to succeed in this competitive world? To have an edge over your peers and to earn some money, you should get a side hustle. To pursue a side hustle, go over your interests and skills, and try to get an idea of what could be turned into a successful entrepreneurial opportunity. Let’s hustle our way to financial freedom!

Side hustle ideas

Crafty Connoisseur

Are you a DIY diva or a crafty genius? Embrace your artistic side and turn your talents into cash. You can make an Instagram/Pinterest page, showcase your talents and try selling it. You can make customised hand-made cards along with some gift baskets (@anzacreationsx) or customised phone covers, calculator cases, etc. Handmade jewellery, sweet-smelling candles (@lilylousaaromas ), quirky handmade decors, or some mind-boggling bookmarks for book lovers are just some ideas you could give a try. The world is your canvas and you can be as creative as you want.

aI bots

 If technology and AI are something that piques your interest, you can check out prompt engineering. Prompt engineering, in simple terms, means using specific words and commands to use and train the AI effectively. As each company is trying to incorporate AI, this skill would come in very handy. To excel at prompt engineering you should have these basic skills: creativity, effective communication, and problem-solving. Practice makes a man perfect. Use generative AI as much as possible and soon you will start to understand the behavioural patterns of AI. You can also check out courses at Coursera or this open-source guide here.

freelance whizkid

 From graphic design and writing to web development and video editing, the freelance world is your oyster. Showcase your skills, and start bidding on exciting projects. Make yourself a profile and portfolio and look around for work on freelance job-hunting sites such as Fiverr or Upwork. Though it may take some time to land a gig right away, patience is key.        

unleash your social media superstar

Are you a master of memes, and a scholar of captions? Step into the spotlight as a social media content creator and let your creativity shine! Conquer the digital realm one post at a time. Reach out to companies, show your profile, volunteer to work and soon enough you will have a couple of clients wanting to have you as a content guru on their team. So, grab your creative cape, polish those hashtags, and get ready to unleash your inner social media superstar!

tutoring wizardry

Calling all maths maestros, literary legends, and science superheroes! Put your knowledge to good use and become a tutor in subjects that you excel at. Tutoring is not only financially rewarding but is also a chance to showcase your expertise and help fellow students conquer their academic hurdles. You can tutor students in your neighbourhood or online and you don’t have to offer just the basic school subjects either. Courses on creative writing, coding, or any other skill that you possess can also be curated.

foodie extrodinaire

Do you possess a secret recipe for mouth watering cookies, make some next-level Biryani or just have an uncanny ability to whip up delicious meals with random ingredients? You can offer your cooking or baking skills to hungry students or busy professionals or just a food enthusiast by sharing your recipes on YouTube and other social media platforms. You can also start a small home-chef business, preparing the dishes you make best and selling those delicious and yummy snacks. You’ll turn hunger into happiness and get paid to do what you love most — making people’s taste buds dance with joy!


Do you think you have a great sense of clothing? So quickly unleash your inner designer and weave your way into fashion! Select the perfect fabrics, design your perfect piece of clothing, and surprise everyone by setting up your unique trends. With each stitch, bring your imagination to life, transforming simple materials into clothing masterpieces.

glam up!

Turn your passion for all things beauty into a thriving business. Have you been complimented for having a minimal makeup look or your makeup skills? Maybe it’s time to pick up your makeup brushes, let your imagination run wild, and get ready to give someone a makeover. You can offer your services for parties, bridal events, or maybe even for a haunted show! With the right products and a flair for creativity, you have the power to transform faces into works of art and make heads turn in awe. 

Congratulations, aspiring hustlers! You’ve just scratched the surface of the side hustle universe. Remember, side hustles are not just about making money but also about exploring your passions, gaining valuable experience, and discovering hidden talents. So, choose a side hustle that aligns with your interests and skills, and go out there and make it happen! To be successful, you should have perseverance, and the will to do your best and take on challenges. An effective business plan is also important along with time management skills which you can harness in a single click.  Even if your side hustle gets on to be a great business, remember, education is important and striking the perfect balance between extracurriculars and academics is key. Read along as we break down how to do just that here

It doesn’t matter if you tried and your side hustle didn’t succeed. What matters is that you tried and you certainly learnt a thing or two in the process. So go forth, hustle on, and let this side hustle be a catalyst that propels you to a life filled with endless possibilities, learning opportunities, and success. The world is waiting for your greatness!


Author: Abeer Ansari
Proofreaders: Sarim Ismail, Nabeeha Shakeel, Syed Muhammad Shaheer Ali


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Published: 2 August 2023
Last Updated: 2 August 2023
Written by Abeer Ansari