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Links to other O levels and IGCSE (5054-0625) Physics sources of notes, lectures and more!

O Levels Websites

Super Physics Tuition


Mega Lectures

Mini Physics

Teachify Me

Student Base


Pass My Exams

Revision World

GCE Guide (Past Papers)

IGCSE Websites

Physics & Maths Tutor

Save My Exams

Free Exam Academy

Znotes (Theory)

Quint School

Soumya Pandey

Physics Fact


GCE Guide (Past Papers)

YouTube Playlists


Online Physics Tutor

Ace with Dennis – Full Course

Ace with Dennis – Revision

Physics with Kashan Rashid

The Twins Academy

Physics Online

Physics with Talha

Mega Lectures

Engr Syed Daniyal Shah

Delta Educators – Past Paper Solutions (O Level)

Ace with Dennis – Past Paper Solutions

Physics Online РMiscellaneous 

Cambridge in 5 minutes

Delta Educators – Past Papers Solutions (IGCSE)

IGCSE ALevels Physics

(5054-0625) Physics

(5054-0625) Physics

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