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Good Extracurricular Activities

by Ayesha Hassan | 19 March 2023

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Have you ever worked on making your university application diverse, brimming with efforts and full of extracurricular activities? If not, we have got your back in helping you make it so!

Before diving into the wonders of extracurricular activities, let’s have a quick overview of what extracurricular activities are. Any activity or course taken outside the school or college level education is termed an extracurricular activity. These activities develop a sense of sportsmanship, leadership, and responsibility. They require proper time management skills that inculcate the multi-tasking strength in a student. Life after highschool requires a lot of experience and knowledge of the world to sparkle and excel.

In order to ace the human race that is college acceptance, one needs to have vast knowledge in many fields of life. To get this, one should start from the very beginning. Student life is full of joy, stress, persistence, and whatnot. Extracurricular activities can sharpen students’ leadership abilities. A bunch of nice extracurricular activities can work wonders in your university admission form and make you stand out from others of your age.

Have you ever wondered which extracurricular activities you should opt for? If not, don’t to worry, because we’ve got you! Here are a bunch of demanding extracurricular activities that can offer you a variety of exposure, which will be helpful for your self-morale as well.

Demanding Extracurricular activities:

Model United Nations (MUNs)

Participation in MUNs gives your college application a nice, impressive touch. Model United Nations not only boost your confidence, but also increase your knowledge of the world. It is a simulation of the United Nations, in which students participate as delegates. Current issues that are being faced by different states are put forth with strategies to overcome them. When you aim to join a Model UN, your team is assigned a country’s issue that is recently discussed in the UN. Students make position papers to make points which they have to discuss, and have debates against one another. From researching to presenting information, this great journey can work wonders in helping you groom yourself! Teams with great solutions and the best public speaking are awarded. This activity not only boosts your communication and public speaking skills, but also increases your exposure. Currently, one of the most popular MUNs in Pakistan is the NIMUN (NUST International Model United Nations). Visit their website to  find out more.

Content Writing

Another very high-demand activity is content writing or copywriting. Many freelancing websites provide a platform to earn money through writing, and websites and popular content writers offer content writing courses. It not only broadens your vision and writing skills, but also expands your knowledge of the world. Moreover, it’s not very difficult at all! While writing on a particular topic, you have to first research, and then write. This teaches you how to express yourself through your words. Everyone should know how to bleed on paper!

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Graphic Designing

One of the most popular and high-demand skill is graphic designing. It is a method of communication through typography and art. It is another very important extracurricular activity that can work wonders for your career/college opportunities. It is not only a skill, but also a very trendy way of earning money. Graphic designing not only enhances the intellect, but also allows you to be expressive in a unique manner. Pictures affect one’s mind greatly, making it easy to understand the creator’s mindset. It helps you excel in every manner without even having a specific degree. So why not take the chance and learn graphic designing, if there are so many benefits to it?

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Community Services

Another important and confidence-boosting activity is joining voluntary organizations.  These inculcate a sense of responsibility in teenagers, which is very important for their managerial advancement. Having leadership qualities help children excel in whatever field they want to pursue in their lives. Many universities appreciate students having community service hours. Many NGOs accept students through applications and less often, interviews. The ones with great ideas and intellect get the opportunity to showcase their determination to help in any way they can. If you’re looking to join NGOs, just search them up on your Instagram account! Nowadays, many NGOs are popping up, increasing the need for volunteers. So, what are you waiting for?

STEM Programs

 The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) programs held at the school level work wonders for students in enhancing their conceptual learning. Students get certificates in the fields they excel and show their interest in. Activities at these levels help students figure out which field interests them. Knowing their interest at an early stage helps them plan their careers in a very effective and efficient manner. These activities greatly help students improve their understanding of what their school teaches them.


Sports help us maintain a healthy lifestyle, that not only benefits the mind, but also enhances the learning abilities. Many students gain full-ride scholarships to their dream universities or colleges by excelling in a sport and showing their passion for it. If you want to be one of them, start taking parts in any and all the sports competitions you can. It ain’t a bad idea!


Another important extracurricular activity is coding. Coding is a fun and highly-demanded skill these days. In today’s modern era, where everything is computerised, it is no wonder coding is gaining traction, and will probably continue to do so. One can add coding to their extracurricular profile by taking commissions for people, earning some money along the way as well! It is a great idea for teenagers to do so because of the upcoming era that will be booming with technology.

These activities can play a very important role in shaping teens’ minds and personalities.  They can make your college application well-balanced, and help increase your prospects of getting into that dream university! Also, engaging in fruitful activities proves to be a very wise decision when you have to step forth in life, as the more experience you have, the more chances you have of winning in life! Here are some free resources where you can learn different activities that suit your aptitude:





Author: Ayesha Hassan


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Published 19 March 2023
Last Updated: 4 July 2023
Written by Ayesha Hassan