A Guide to Physics 5054

Mojza Blog A Guide to Physics 5054 by Muhammad Ammad Khalid | 7 April 2024 I know. O level physics can be a huge drag. The syllabus might feel quite overwhelming, and certain topics can be fairly daunting due to their abstract nature or complex mathematical concepts. The key to overcoming these difficulties is to […]

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A Beginner’s Guide To Code

Mojza Blog A Beginner’s Guide to Code by Ali Irfan | 03 March 2024 In an ever-changing sea of technological innovation, coding has become an invaluable tool to navigate the oceans. There are numerous reasons, personal or professional, that everybody should learn how to code. But since you’re here, you’ve probably already found yours, so

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The Presentation Playbook

Mojza Blog The Presentation Playbook Strategies for Success in Every Slide by Maryam Attique | 14 JAn 2024 Have you noticed that whenever you start watching a show, the theme always plays after a brief eye-catching introduction? And perhaps how these shows manage to deliver their story all the time, making it fun and entertaining?

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AI Study Buddy

Mojza Blog AI Study Buddy Using AI for Education by Abeer Ansari | 07 Jan 2024 ChatGPT can write essays, solve coding problems, do basic maths, and whatnot. But does that help us learn anything or gain any knowledge? I am here to take you on a journey in all things AI and tools that

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Learning from mistakes

Mojza Blog Learning from Mistakes Embracing the Power of Failure in the Educational Journey by Hadia Ieman | 17 DEC 2023 Ever danced with the shadows of failure, fearing they might dim your dreams’ spotlight? Hold on tight, for we’re about to spin failure on its head, revealing its hidden power!  Imagine missteps as friendly

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The Psychology of Decision Making

Mojza Blog The Psychology of Decision Making by Muhammad Ali Kalim | 3 Dec 2023 Have you ever pondered on the idea of what mechanisms are in control of the decisions we make? Why do we make choices differently based on the circumstances that we have been provided? Factors Affecting Decision-Making There are several principles

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