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6 Simple Steps To Stay Ultra-Focused While Travelling

by Mankashay Sultan Tareen | 18 FEB 2024

A long-due vacation?

A sudden illness or death in the family?

Civil war, natural disasters, or any other calamity? (just kidding)

Often students have to face certain difficulties in their academy journeys when sudden short-trips spring up in the middle of the academic year. These can be for leisure or some tragic incident in your close family that deserves a visit. Either way, it causes disruption in a student’s everyday academic life as they end up falling behind on taking notes and missing important lectures, examinations, or workshops that are often vital to understanding complex topics and chapters. So what can students do in order to stay ultra-focused on academics in such circumstances and still enjoy their trips?

Below are some simple tips, precautions, and advice for students to adhere to in order to make the best of their trip and, simultaneously, keep up with their peers!

1. Communicate with your teachers before your departure

This is a very crucial step that every student must take, if their schedule allows. By having teachers pre-informed about your absences, you eliminate the risk of getting any penalties by the school administration. Moreover, your attendance will be docked with an excused absence instead of unexcused absences. Additionally, a person is more at ease returning to their academic institution if their teachers were aware of their reason for absence; it’ll also save you from all the reprimands upon your return.

2. Access your teachers lesson plans for the days you'll be gone

If given permission or access, be aware of what your teacher plans to teach the class on the days you will be gone. This way, you will have a good idea of the resources and books you will need to take on your trip. Additionally, if you are aware of future lesson-plans, then you can study the topics online or through some other medium at a faster pace, thus allowing you to have more leisure time during the trip.

3. Record lectures with teachers’ consent:

A very helpful act on behalf of your friends or classmates would be to record lectures and share pictures of the classwork with you. This will only be a notch below being in the classroom yourselves, as you’ll have access to almost everything that the pupils in class themselves study. This is why you should politely ask a friend or classmate to record lectures, with the teachers’ consent

4. Carry a digital device instead of hefty books

A person can only carry around a limited number of belongings with him while travelling. Similarly, people may not want to bother carrying big bags while travelling on foot and exploring all day. Having a digital device, such as a tablet or a laptop, helps you record pictures and videos of school-recorded lectures, as well as online lectures and resources, all in one slim gadget. It is much more convenient than carrying around a bunch of different books with you all the time.

5. Make simple flash cards to read while on the go

Making flashcards is a widely used study technique, mostly used to memorise faster. Making flashcards will not only improve your memory retention but also allow you to carry a method of learning that has great compatibility and portability. They will neither be cumbersome to carry and nor will they cause any boredom because you will constantly be playing a kind of quiz with yourself. They can even provide some entertainment when you find yourself at a particularly boring spot! Learn how to effectively make flashcards and discover a bunch of other efficient study techniques in our blog here.

6. Most effective times to study

Try to shift more of your study-time while proceeding to any of your vacation spots, such as in the car, or on the train or aeroplane. This is the time for you to be least disturbed by any commotion, and thus, you can thoroughly focus and be the most productive during this time frame. If you’re someone who struggles with minimising distractions, then check out this blog on how to stave off distractions. Additionally, consider waking up an hour or two before your family, so that you can complete a good chunk of your work with clear-cut concentration, and then spend the rest of your day guilt- and stress free. 


Author: Mankashay Sultan Tareen
Proofreaders: Syed Muhammad Shaheer Ali


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Published: 18 February 2024
Last Updated: 18 February 2024
Written by Mankashay Sultan Tareen